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Informationskompetenz professionell fördern
Promoting Information Literacy Professionally: Didactic Guidelines for Library Courses

Ein Leitfaden zur Didaktik von Bibliothekskursen

Series: Praxiswissen
This book was designed as a basic guide for imparting librarians with professional skills in the area of pedagogy and instructional design, thus addressing the growing importance of libraries as places for the teaching of various competencies, particularly information literacy. At the same time, the book serves as a practical reference work, featuring guidelines for the planning of instructional tours and events. Beyond exploring fundamental theoretical considerations with regard to teaching and learning, the book contains sections for immediate integration into everyday practice, including pedagogic strategies, methods, and suggestions in the area of e-Learning, in addition to recommendations for implementing various learning scenarios in teaching libraries. Open publication
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Audience: Librarians who conduct tours and training sessions