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Interpersonal Communication

Edited by: Charles R. Berger
Interpersonal communication has been studied in terms of both communication functions and specialized contexts. This handbook comprehensively covers the field including research on processes of social influence, the role of communication in the development, maintenance and decline of close personal relationships, nonverbal communication, cognitive approaches, communication and conflict, bargaining and negotiation, health communication, organizational socialization and supervisor-subordinate communication, social networks, and technologically-mediated interpersonal communication. Two chapters are dedicated to research methods in the field. The handbook includes chapters by widely recognized and respected scholars in the field.
Comprehensive chapters concerning fundamental interpersonal communication processes, functions and contexts Implications for the practice of interpersonal communication Addresses the role of new technologies in social interaction processes

Author Information

Charles R. Berger, University of California, Davis, USA.

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Audience: Institutes, libraries, undergraduate and postgraduate students, linguists, communication scientists, journalists, teacher