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Animal Cell Biotechnology

In Biologics Production

Edited by: Hansjörg Hauser and Roland Wagner
This book introduces fundamental principles and practical application of techniques used in the scalable production of biopharmaceuticals with animal cell cultures. A broad spectrum of subjects relevant to biologics production and manufacturing are reviewed, including the generation of robust cell lines, a survey of functional genomics for a better understanding of cell lines and processes, as well as advances in regulatory compliant upstream and downstream development. The book is an essential reference for all those interested in translational animal cell-based pharmaceutical biotechnology.
Animal cells for the industrial manufacturing of recombinant proteins and virus-based biologics Includes latest scientific and technological aspects from gene(s) to warehouse Full color illustrations

Author Information

Hansjörg Hauser, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig; Roland Wagner, Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH, Laupheim

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Audience: all working in the biotechnology field both from an academic and industrial standpoint