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Band 12 2009-2012
Georg Büchner Yearbook

Edited by: Burghard Dedner, Matthias Gröbel,  and Eva-Maria Vering
The Georg Büchner Yearbook, Volume 12, contains 16 essays dealing mainly with the “Hessische Landbote”, the dramatic work, Büchner’s correspondence and the reception of his work in the 20th century. The themes examined here include the rhetorical strategy of the pamphlet, Büchner’s relationship with his contemporaries Ludwig Börne and Karl Gutzkow, Büchner’s modernity which is also expressed in his use of metaphor, the circumstances of the inclusion of his works in the German theater repertoire and his productive reception by authors such as Max Frisch and Volker Braun.

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Burghard Dedner,Philipps-Universität Marburg; Matthias Gröbel und Eva-Maria Vering, Georg Büchner Gesellschaft e.V., Marburg.

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