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Holocaust Denial

The Politics of Perfidy

Edited by: Robert S. Wistrich
Licensor: The Hebrew University Magnes Press
Co-publication with Magnes Press
Holocaust Denial. The Politics of Perfidy provides a graphic and compelling global panorama of past and present variations on this toxic phenomenon. The volume examines right and left wing French negationism, post-Communist Holocaust deniers in Eastern-Europe, the spread of denial to Australia, Canada, South-Africa and even to Japan. Leading scholarly experts also explore the close connection between Holocaust denial, global conspiracy theories, antisemitism and radical anti-Zionism– especially in Iran and the Arab world.

Author Information

Robert S. Wistrich, The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Jerusalem, Israel.

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Audience: Libraries, Institutes, Academics (Holocaust Studies, Jewish History)