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Handbuch Sprache im Urteil der Öffentlichkeit
Handbook of Language Evaluation in the Public Sphere

Edited by: Gerd Antos, Thomas Niehr, and Jürgen Spitzmüller
Language is not only a subject of reflection for linguists. Language, language change, and language usage are often addressed, discussed, and analyzed beyond the confines of linguistics. This handbook provides an overview of the themes, issues, controversies, methods, and history of non-linguistic reflection on language, while also offering insight into linguistic theories and methods for describing and evaluating them.

Author Information

Gerd Antos, Univ. of Halle, Germany; Thomas Niehr, Univ. of Aachen, Germany; Jürgen Spitzmüller, Univ. of Vienna, Austria.

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Audience: Linguists, Journalists, Libraries, Institutes