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Handbuch Sprache in Politik und Gesellschaft
Handbook of Language in Politics and Society

Edited by: Kersten Sven Roth, Martin Wengeler and Alexander Ziem

This work examines the linguistic construction of knowledge in history, politics, and society. It presents a range of disciplinary approaches, linguistic phenomena (such as lexemes, text types, and rhetorical tropes), and political, historical and, social structures (such as actors, media, and commemoration). Case analyses reveal that history, politics, and society are inextricably interlinked in the social construction of knowledge.

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K.S. Roth, Zurich University, Switzerland; M. Wengeler, Trier University, Germany; A. Ziem, Düsseldorf University, Germany.

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Audience: Academics (Linguistics, Social Studies, Political Studies), Libraries