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Heinrich Steinhöwels ‚Apollonius‘
Heinrich Steinhöwel’s “Apollonius”: Editions and Studies

Edition und Studien

Apollonius of Tyre was one of the most popular stories of the German Middle Ages. In a critical Latin and German parallel edition, this volume presents the previously unedited version of Apollonius produced by the humanist Heinrich Steinhöwel, along with information about the text's transmission and genesis. The research section situates the author and the work in its socio-historical context, focusing on cultural and economic interconnections.
Detaillierte Präsentation der gesamten Überlieferung Konkretisierung des Humanismus-Begriffs und der Epochenschwelle um 1500 anhand der zeitgenössischen Rezeption Neue Befunde zur Fiktionalitätsdebatte und der Textgattung „Prosaroman“

Author Information

Tina Terrahe, University of Marburg, Germany.

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