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I Deutschland, Russland, Komintern - Überblicke, Analysen, Diskussionen
Germany, Russia, and the Comintern. I: Overviews, Analyses, Discussions: New perspectives on the history of the German Communist Party (KPD) and Russo-German relations (1918–1943)

Neue Perspektiven auf die Geschichte der KPD und die deutsch-russischen Beziehungen (1918–1943)

Edited by: Hermann Weber, Jakov Drabkin, Bernhard H. Bayerlein and Aleksandr Galkin
Compiled by: Gleb Albert
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Thanks to the archival revolution, relations between the Comintern, the Soviet government and the KPD (German Communist Party) now appear in a new light. Careful analyses contextualize this history against the backdrop of the simultaneously published volume of sources. This project undertaken by the German-Russian Historical Commission contributes significantly to a transnational understanding of German communism and German-Soviet relations.

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Audience: German and Russian history, readers interested in contemporary history