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Liminal Discourses

Subliminal Tensions in Law and Literature

Edited by: Daniela Carpi and Jeanne Gaakeer
The past few decades in legal and literary studies have challenged the boundaries raised by the different concepts of law and literature espoused by a great variety of theorists. Law's traditionally assumed disciplinary autonomy has been challenged by those who have pursued interdisciplinary methods of research. In particular, the concept of the sublime has moved out of the strictly philosophical and literary fields and crossed the borders between disciplines, finding an application also in the juridical field. On one hand, this volume proposes that the ethical aspect involved in the legal sublime is to contain the arrogance of the law. On the other hand, the volume draws attention to the "and" of interdisciplinary literary-legal studies and offers new daring comparisons between philosophical fields and between apparently distant historical periods.

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Daniela Carpi, University of Verona; Jeanne Gaakeer, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Audience: Scholars of Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, and Law