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Lexikon der Bibelhermeneutik
Dictionary of Biblical Hermeneutics

Begriffe – Methoden – Theorien – Konzepte

Edited by: Oda Wischmeyer
Compiled by: Susanne Luther
Together with: Emil Angehrn, Eve-Marie Becker, Mechthild Habermann, Ulrich H. J. Körtner, James Alfred Loader, Christine Lubkoll, Karla Pollmann, Marco Schöller,  and Günter Stemberger
The Dictionary of Biblical Hermeneutics brings together concepts relating to the theories, methods and conceptions of Bible interpretations under the central heading of a text-referenced hermeneutics. The resultant textual hermeneutics of the Bible forms a new paradigm which does not regard the Bible primarily as Gospel or Holy Scripture but views it from a textual and literary studies perspective as a "Supratext". The dictionary is targeted at scholars in both theology and cultural studies.The work involves conventional intratheological models of biblical hermeneutics in an innovative dialogue with contemporary models for understanding texts.


"For anyone whose work relates to the Bible and Hermeneutics this reference work is an indispensable tool."Journal of Ancient Judaism Universität Wien 2010, Volume 1, Issue 2 "Der Herausgeberin Oda Wischmeyer und den übrigen Autoren ist ein kluges, ausgewogenes und sorgfältig gearbeitetes Lexikon der Bibelhermeneutik gelungen."Dirk Fleischer in: Kirchliches Amtsblatt der Evangelischen Kirche von Westfalen 12/2009

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Audience: Libraries, Institutes, Academics (Exegesis, Theology, Text Studies, Literature Studies, Religious Studies, Cultural Studies and History, History of Science, Philosophy)