Test Cover Image of:  Quantitative Linguistik / Quantitative Linguistics

Quantitative Linguistik / Quantitative Linguistics

Ein internationales Handbuch / An International Handbook

Edited by: Reinhard Köhler, Gabriel Altmann and Rajmund G. Piotrowski
Over the past two decades, statistical and other quantitative concepts, models and methods have been increasingly gaining importance and interest in all areas of linguistics and text analysis, as well as in a number of neighboring disciplines and areas of application. The term "quantitative linguistics" comprises all scientific and technical approaches which use such terms and methods in the analysis of or work with language(s), texts and other related subjects. The 71 articles in this handbook, written by internationally-recognized experts, offer a broad, up-to-date overview of the scientific-theoretical principles, the history, the diversity of the subject areas studied, the methods and models used, the results obtained thus far and their applications. The articles are divided up into thirteen chapters: the first chapter includes contributions on the basic principles and the history of the field, nine additional chapters are dedicated to individual descriptions of the levels of linguistic research (from phonology to pragmatics) as well as typological, diachronic and geolinguistic questions. The next two chapters include a description of important models, hypotheses and principles; selected areas of application; and references to neighboring disciplines. The last portion of the handbook is an informative contribution, with information about publication forums, bibliographies, major projects, Internet links, etc. This handbook is useful not only for researchers, teachers and students of all branches of linguistics and the philologies, but also for scientists in neighboring fields, whose theoretical and empirical research touches on linguistic questions (for instance, psychology and sociology), or for those who want to make use of the proven methods or results from quantitative linguistics in their own research.
International authors Unique and fundamental systematics of the field Multidisciplinary and application-oriented

Author Information

Reinhard Köhler is Professor at theUniversität Trier, Germany. Gabriel Altmann is Professorat Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. Rajmund G. Piotrowski is Professorat the University of St. Petersburg, Russia.


"Dieses Handbuch bietet in insgesamt 71 Artikeln einen umfassenden Überblick über die Geschichte, Grundlagen, Methoden und Erkenntnisse der seit den 70er Jahren etablierten Disziplin."Carmen Scherer in: Germanistik 1-2/2006
  • Allgemeines
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Phonologie
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Morphologie
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Syntax
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Lexik
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Text
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Semantik und Pragmatik
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Geolinguistik und Dialektologie
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Typologie
  • Gebiete und Phänomene: Diachronie
  • Modelle, Methoden, Hypothesen und Gesetze
  • Anwendungsgebiete und Bezüge zu anderen Disziplinen
  • Informationsquellen
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