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Band 10 1916–1918
The Dutch Overseas Trust Company. The English State and the German State. World War and International Law

Die niederländische Uebersee-Trust-Gesellschaft. Der englische Staat und der deutsche Staat. Weltkrieg und Völkerrecht. Frei Finland. Theodor Storm Menschheit und Volk. Rezensionen

Edited by: Arno Mohr and Rolf Fechner

The published life's work of the founding father of German sociology is now being made available for international research and teaching with a new complete edition. Volume 10 is the sixth of a projected 24-volume edition. The predominant theme in Tönnies' writings from 1916 to 1918 is the First World War; he saw literary monitoring of it as a national obligation which no intellectual could neglect. His political journalism from that time is characterised by the internal political and social conditions in England, that country's foreign, colonial and global policies, the "warmongering" of England and Russia and international legal aspects of the Great War. A counterpoint to these writings, which were born of a national educational motivation, is provided by his texts remembering Theodor Storm, which attest to a deep friendship, the significance of which has been largely overlooked by literary historians.

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Edition: Reprint 2020
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