Test Cover Image of:  Das Weltparlament der Religionen von 1893

Das Weltparlament der Religionen von 1893

Strukturen interreligiöser Begegnung im 19. Jahrhundert

Modern slogans such as "Globalization", "Clash of cultures" or "Religious pluralism" are closely linked to the history of intercultural and interreligious encounters over previous centuries. With its account of the history and course of the World's Parliament of Religions, the first interreligious conference at international level, held in Chicago in 1893, the study shows how different religions and cultures can benefit from engaging with each other in a positive manner. Followers of the most disparate Western and Asian traditions met in Chicago to present their views and to seek dialogue. The analysis of their presentations reveals the typical 19th century structures of interreligious perception and engagement. These are still to be found as "Answers of the modern" in the dialogue between religions today, and provide a historical background to understanding the processes of mutual engagement and exchange. An appendix provides brief details of the members of the Parliament.
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Edition: Reprint 2013