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Band 4 Register zu den Bänden I-III

(Ancoratus, Panarion haer. 1-80 und De fide)

Contributor: Karl Holl
Compiled by: Christian-Friedrich Collatz and Arnd Rattmann
In collaboration with: Marietheres Döhler, Dorothea Hollnagel and Christoph Markschies
The edition by Karl Holl (1866-1926) of the short anti-heretical text "Ancoratus" and the huge work "Panarion Omnium Haeresium" by the 4th century Bishop Epiphanius of Salamis (Cyprus) is one of the most significant editions in the series "Greek Christian Authors" from the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy. Following the publication of corrected and expanded reprints (Vol. 1: 2007; Vol. 2: 1980; Vol. 3: 1985) the large complete index can now go to print. It contains detailed indexes of names, passages, words and subjects, together with an index of grammatical particularities. The volume is based on a manuscript by Karl Holl, which, together with the rest of the edition, was continued after his death by Hans Lietzmann (1875-1942). In recent years it has again been thoroughly checked, revised and extended in the Berlin Institute.
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