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Handbook of Technical Communication

Edited by: Alexander Mehler and Laurent Romary
Together with: Dafydd Gibbon
The Handbook of Technical Communication brings together a variety of topics which range from the role of technical media in human communication to the linguistic, multimodal enhancement of present-day technologies. It covers the area of computer-mediated text, voice and multimedia communication as well as of technical documentation. In doing so, the handbook takes professional and private communication into account.Special emphasis is put on technical communication by means of web 2.0 technologies and its standardization in system development. In summary, the handbook deals with theoretical issues of technical communication and its practical impact on the development and usage of text and speech technologies.
collects international researchers from different traditions in a single compendium combines an up-to-date overview with cutting-edge research interdisciplinary nature of the volume

Author Information

Alexander Mehler, University of Frankfurt, Germany; Laurent Romary, INRIA & Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany; Dafydd Gibbon, University of Bielefeld, Germany.

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Audience: Libraries, Academic Institutes, Scholars and Researchers who are interested in Linguistics, Technical Communication and Documentation and Computational Linguistics.