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Action in Context

Edited by: Anton Leist

The book illustrates the concept of action in three different contexts - the justification of actions, people's life history, and pragmatism. The special feature of this book is that a comprehensive view of this kind marks a departure from the atomistic approach of action theory, which in itself raises a number of questions. If actions are not justified by mental states, how can persons then act for reasons? How can persons' actions over time be described, and what is the connection with the question of personal identity? If there is to be a unified understanding of the person, does the practical have to take precedence over the theoretical, and what does this mean for epistemology, for example? The ten contributors to this volume engage in an instructive manner with these and similar questions in the three sections of the book.

Author Information

Anton Leist, University of Zurich, Switzerland.


"Der Sammelband bietet eine reiche Auswahl von überwiegend sehr interessanten und lesenswerten Beiträgen; dabei gelingt es, wie im Titel versprochen, das Phänomen Handlung in eine Reihe von Kontexten zu stellen, die in der traditionellen Diskussion noch viel zu wenig beachtet werden."
Erasmus Mayr in: Phil. Jahrbuch I/2010


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