Test Cover Image of:  Julius Africanus und die christliche Weltchronistik

Julius Africanus und die christliche Weltchronistik
Julius Africanus and the Christian Universal Chronicle

Edited by: Martin Wallraff
Julius Africanus (3rd cent.) has been called the “Father of Christian Chronography”– the exact calculation of dates and ages (such as the date of the Incarnation, and indirectly also of the end of the world). At the same time, however, he also presents the beginnings of a Christian universal history (Universal Chronicle), a genre which decisively influenced the historical thinking of both Orient and Occident over hundreds of years. The present studies open up this literature– some of which is virtually inaccessible– and make significant contributions to research into Latin, Greek and Oriental representations of the genre of universal chronicle.


"Insgesamt ist der vorliegende Tagungsband äußerst lesenswert."Alexander Weiß in: http://hsozkult.geschichte.hu-berlin.de/rezensionen/2008-2-053
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