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The Use of Databases in Cross-Linguistic Studies

Edited by: Martin Everaert, Simon Musgrave, and Alexis Dimitriadis
This book promotes the development of linguistic databases by describing a number of successful database projects, focusing especially on cross-linguistic and typological research. It has become increasingly clear that ready access to knowledge about cross-linguistic variation is of great value to many types of linguistic research. Such a systematic body of data is essential in order to gain a proper understanding of what is truly universal in language and what is determined by specific cultural settings. Moreover, it is increasingly needed as a tool to systematically evaluate contrasting theoretical claims. The book includes a chapter on general problems of using databases to handle language data and chapters on a number of individual projects. Note: This title was originally announced as including a CD-Rom with databases. The CD-Rom, however, was replaced by a list of URLs within the book. More information as well as links to the databases can also be found here.

Author Information

Martin Everaert , University of Utrecht, The Netherlands; Simon Musgrave, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia; Alexis Dimitriadis, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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Audience: Research Libraries, Researchers, and Advanced Students of Language Typology, Scholars Involved in Cross-linguistic Theorizing, and the Community of People Working in the Area of Language Resources