Test Cover Image of:  Juden und Christen im spätantiken Palästina

Juden und Christen im spätantiken Palästina
Jews and Christians in Palestine During Late Antiquity

It is generally assumed that with the Christianisation of Palestine in the 4th century, the Jewish population of the country was progressively driven back and disenfranchised. If, however, one does not only consult the laws, but contrasts them with excavations from that period, a different picture emerges. The Jewish population was not only able to maintain its position, but could even strengthen its visible presence, frequently directly adjacent to the Christians and in active contact with them, as demonstrated by the many parallels in the architecture and pictorial decoration of churches and synagogues.


"Un petit livre, certes, mais d'une grande richesse."M. Matter in: Revue d'Histoire et de Philosophie Relegieuses 3/2008
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