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Lexikon und Text
Lexicon and Text. Reusable methods and resources for the linguistic analysis of German.

Wiederverwendbare Methoden und Ressourcen zur linguistischen Erschließung des Deutschen

Edited by: Helmut Feldweg and Erhard W. Hinrichs
This collection of papers stems from a workshop "Lexicon and Text" that was held at the University of Tübingen on February 17-18, 1994. The papers focus on the development of tools for maschine readable dictionaries and for corpus analysis. Of equal importance is the development of theoretical criteria and of practical standards for the representation of textual and lexical information. While most of the papers deal with the applications for German, an international perspective is reflected by the description of the European MULTEXT project and by a Swedish tagset and part-of-speech tagger.
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Edition: Reprint 2010