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Spanien aus deutscher Sicht
Spain from the German Viewpoint. German-Spanish cultural relations past and present

Deutsch-spanische Kulturbeziehungen gestern und heute

Edited by: Harald Wentzlaff-Eggebert

For over 30 years, German-Spanish cultural relations have been a central concern in Dietrich Briesemeister's research work. The majority of the 34 essays published here provide access to largely or totally unknown source material in the form of manuscripts, flysheets, or rare books. The main body of the volume is devoted to the reception of Spanish literature in Germany, from »Celestina« to Calderón. This is supplemented by studies tracing lines of development in cultural history, some of them integrating not only aspects of history and art history but also extending the purview to encompass Catalonia and Portugal. The volume closes with critical reflections on the origins and the changing ideological appropriations of Spanish studies in Germany, all the way up to Viktor Klemperer's problematic relationship with Spain.

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Edition: Reprint 2015