Test Cover Image of:  Bibliographie zur indogermanischen Wortforschung 3 Bde.

Bibliographie zur indogermanischen Wortforschung 3 Bde.
Bibliography of Lexical Research on the Indo-Germanic Languages. Word formation, etymology, onomasiology, and loanword strata of the ancient and modern Indo-Germanic languages in systematic publications after 1800.

Wortbildung, Etymologie, Onomasiologie und Lehnwortschichten der alten und modernen indogermanischen Sprachen in systematischen Publikationen ab 1800

This bibliography presents the literature on the systematic issues involved in research on word formation, etymology, semasiology, onomasiology, and loanword strata in all Indo-Germanic languages, past and present, in as complete a way as possible. It is designed not only as a resource for Indo-Germanic studies proper but is of equal relevance to classical studies, Germanic studies, English studies, Romance studies, Slavonic studies, and Indology. Various indexes guide the reader through the extensive material. In the interests of research convenience, the CD-ROM included contains a cross-referential, fully hyperlinked PDF file identical with the text and the pagination of the book.
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