Titelbild von:  Semantic Knowledge Representation for Information Retrieval

Semantic Knowledge Representation for Information Retrieval

This book covers the basics of semantic web technologies and indexing languages, and describes their contribution to improve methods of formal knowledge representation and reasoning. The methodologies included combine the specifics of indexing languages, Web representation languages and intersystem relations, and explain their contribution to search functionalities in information retrieval scenarios. An example oriented discussion, considering aspects of conceptual and semantic interoperability in processes of subject querying and knowledge exploration is provided. The book is relevant to information scientists, knowledge workers and indexers. It provides a suitable combination of theoretical foundations and practical applications.


Winfried Gödert, Fachhochschule Köln; Matthias Nagelschmidt; Jessica Hubrich, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.
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Zielgruppe: Lecturer in Information Science, knowledge engineers, information providers, information management consultants