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Basics Entwurf

Series: Basics
Edited by: Bert Bielefeld
From idea to materiality: The basics of architectural designThe fundamental idea is the starting point of every design. The idea is formulated into the concept; the concept is expressed in the formal language; the form requires a particular material; the space is given shape. Architecture is created.Described in this manner, the design process seems simple and straightforward. But for students of architecture, it is in most cases a difficult learning process. But designing can be learned!What are the conceptual possibilities for finding the first step towards a design idea? What methods can be used to develop the idea and to arrive at an architectural concept? Furthermore, architecture is first and foremost the designing of (indoor) spaces. But how are rooms structured, rather than merely decorated? What role does the use of materials and materiality play?This compilation of the volumes Design Ideas, Design Methods, Materials and Spatial Design in the successful student seriesBASICS now gathers the fundamental topics of architectural design together in one book and thus in one context answers crucial questions concerning the hows and whys of the design process.
The study companion from the first semester onwards All other established textbooks assume a basic knowledge: the BASICS start from zero Consistent didactic concept Student-friendly price
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