Test Cover Image of:  Concilium Universale Constantinopolitanum Tertium

Pars 4 Concilium Constantinopolitanum a. 691/2 in Trullo habitum

(Concilium Quinisextum)

Edited by: Heinz Ohme
In collaboration with: Reinhard Flogaus and Christof Rudolf Kraus
This volume offers the first complete critical edition of the acts of the Second Trulian Council (or Concilium Quinisextum) in 691–2, based upon extensive manuscript sources. The Concilium Quinisextum was convened as an ecumenical council, and its 102 canons constitute the most extensive collection of early legal documents from the Christian Church. Together with the list of Episcopal signatures, they constitute a key source for the study of 7th century Ecclesiastic history.
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