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Volume 1 Thales

Edited by: Georg Wöhrle
Translated by: Richard McKirahan
Foreword: Georg Wöhrle and Gotthard Strohmaier
Compiled by: Richard McKirahan
In collaboration with: Ahmed Alwishah

In accordance with the purpose of the series Traditio Praesocratica, the present volume, the first in the series, contains the most complete collection ever assembled of the documentary evidence on Thales of Miletus. Approximately 600 texts, dating from the sixth century BCE to the fourteenth century CE, are presented in chronological order, both in the original language (Greek, Latin, Arabic and Persian) and in a facing English translation. The original-language texts are reprinted (with corrections) from Georg Wöhrle's edition (2009). Several texts discovered since the publication of the 2009 edition are included. The English translations were made by Richard McKirahan from the original texts. Differences between the German and the English translations are noted. An index of names and extensive glossaries and word indexes of the texts and translations are provided.

Author Information

Richard McKirahan, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, USA.


„In conclusion, Georg Wöhrle and Richard McKirahan’s book fulfils its aim in the best possible way. It presents the most complete ever collection of testimonies on Thales of Miletus in a manner that is solidly argued, methodologically excellent, and easily accessible to the reader, who may profit not only from the richness of the material but also from the insightful introduction and up-to-date bibliographical orientation. This volume is thus a valuable contribution to the field of Presocratic studies and of Hellenic Studies more generally, and an indispensable tool for both philologists and philosophers and, further, for all those interested in the classical tradition."
Irini F. Viltanioti in: BMCR 2016.05.40

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Audience: Everyone interested in ancient philosophy and its reception and the intellectual history of late antiquity