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Communication Competence

Edited by: Annegret F. Hannawa and Brian H. Spitzberg
Almost everything that matters to humans is derived from and through communication. Just because people communicate every day, however, does not mean that they are communicating competently. In fact, evidence indicates that there is a substantial need for better interpersonal skills among a significant proportion of the populace. Furthermore, "dark side" experiences in everyday life abound, and features of modern society pose new challenges that make the concept of communication competence increasingly complex. The Handbook of Communication Competence brings together scholars from across the globe to examine these various facets of communication competence, including its history, its essential components, and its applications in interpersonal, group, institutional, and societal contexts. The book provides a state-of-the-art review for scholars and graduate students, as well as practitioners in counseling, developmental, health care, educational, intercultural, and human resource management contexts, illustrating that communication competence is vital to health, relationships, and all collective human endeavors.
demonstrates the centrality of communication competence as a fundamental organizing approach to understanding human activities brings together world-renowned scholars working in diverse disciplines to reveal the importance of communication skills

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Annegret F. Hannawa, University of Lugano, Switzerland; Brian H. Spitzberg, San Diego State University, USA.
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Audience: Institutes, libraries, communication science, health care, educational, intercultural consulting, human resource management.