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The True Countenance of Man

Science and Belief as Coordinate Magisteria (COMA) – A Theory of Knowledge

Our world and the forms in which we live and research in the sciences possess a unity. This unity is also visible in the duality of the possibility of knowledge, and thus in Religion and Science. The basic theme of his work is the mutual need of reason and faith for one another, and their coordination. The basis of the author’s proof rests largely on the current state of research in mathematics, biology and physics. In spite of the holistic thesis, the argument remains strictly analytic and logical in its progression. Of course, it produces provocative conclusions: the coordination of the two great sources of knowledge, on the one hand scientific (which cannot make its proofs work without belief) and on the other hand Christian belief (which cannot stand without rationality); the falsity of their supposed mutual antagonism; the truth of Christian dogma out of physically grounded analogies; and finally a theory of the knowable, which leads to a “Catholicity of the knowable“. With the substance of the arguments and the Theory of Coordinate Magisteria (COMA), the author blazes a new trail in the theory of science and fundamental theology.
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