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Nanoparticles presents the remarkable variety of nanoparticle families, compositions, structures, and functions. The book discusses nanoparticles made of semiconductors, metals, metal-oxides, organics, biological and hybrid constituents.
Through a wealth of examples and case studies, supplemented by numerous
figures, readers that are not necessarily active or experts in this area acquire a
broad overview of this exciting field at the interface between scientifi c research and practical technologies.
The contents summarize the contributions to this field of diverse scientific and technological disciplines- chemistry, physics, biology, electronics and others providing acomprehensive knowledge- the types of nanoparticles, their compositions and how the relationships between the atomic constituents affect their properties, as well as potential applications of nanoparticles.
- Covers diverse uses of nanoparticles in scientifi c research and industrial applications, underscoring their extraordinary diversity and potential utilization.
- Experimental and conceptual approaches applied to the study of nanoparticles are discussed extensively. Additional references provide the reader with a basis for further study.
- Also available by Professor Jelinek: Biomimetics - A Molecular Perspective (2013), ISBN: 978-3-11-028117-0

  • Multidisciplinary research topic.
  • Nanoparticle applications range from electronics and photonics, to cosmetics, biological, and biomedical applications.

Author Information

Raz Jelinek, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.


"This book is an excellent starting point for undergraduate students who are interested in nanoparticle science and technologies. It covers the fundamentals and applications of nanoparticles and not nanoscale materials in a broader perspective. The remarkable progress of nanoparticle technology in physics, chemistry, materials science, and medicine, and its ability to expand their boundaries are discussed. This book will encourage further exploration of this exciting field. […]In summary, this book gives a good introduction to very basic ideas about experimental and conceptual approaches applied to the field of nanoparticles."
K. Kamala Bharathi in: MRS BULLETIN, 5/2016

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Audience: Chemists, Surface Scientists, Materials Scientists, Physical Chemsists, Physicists, Engineers, and Students.