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Kunstkatalog - Katalogkunst
Art Catalogues and Catalogue Art: The Exhibition Catalogue as an Artistic Medium, as exemplified by Thomas Demand, Tobias Rehberger, and Olafur Eliasson

Der Ausstellungskatalog als künstlerisches Medium am Beispiel von Thomas Demand, Tobias Rehberger und Olafur Eliasson

What strategies do contemporary artists use in relation to the exhibition catalogue? How do they present their works and themselves, and what does the catalogue teach us about the notion of art? How does one translate and rework an exhibition into a book? This volume analyzes example texts and images from exhibition catalogues with regard to the history and conventions of this medium.

  • Strategien zeitgenössischer Künstler im Umgang mit dem Medium Ausstellungskatalog
  • Von der Ausstellung zum Buch
  • Exemplarische Analyse des Verhältnisses von Künstlerbuch und Katalog

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Audience: Art scholars, cultural scientists, museum scholars