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Reichtum und Armut der deutschen Sprache
On the Wealth and Poverty of German: A First Report on the State of the German Language

Erster Bericht zur Lage der deutschen Sprache

Edited by: Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung and Union der deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften
With contributions of: Ludwig M. Eichinger, Peter Eisenberg, Wolfgang Klein, and Angelika Storrer
The status of the German language has perhaps never aroused more heated debate: scholars argue that the language is in visible decline, that its lexicon and grammar are increasingly impoverished, not least through massive infiltration by Anglicisms. The newly published language report presents the findings of research studies in four areas that have characterized the debate in different ways: vocabulary, Anglicisms, flexion, and nominal style.

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German Academy for Language and Literature, Darmstadt; Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, Mainz/Berlin.


[...] mit fundierten Informationen zur Entwicklung der deutschen Sprache im 20. Jahrhundert und ihrer Zukunft.Volker Faust in: Psychische Störungen heute, S.615,9/2014

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Audience: Academics (German Studies, Linguistics), Journalists, General public.