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94. Jahrgang 2015
Bavarian Yearbook. Directory of Local, State and Federal Administration, Associations and Public Institutions. 94th Year 2015

Up-to-date information on some 7,000 institutions and approx. 12,000 persons in public life in Bavaria: authorities and departments of local, state and federal administration jurisdiction syndicates and other organizations from politics, business, academic life, the arts etc. notaries, church offices, universities, museums, libraries, banks mayors, District Administrators, chairpersons, managing directors and other executives
aktuelle Informationen zu Aufbau und Aufgaben von über 7.000 Einrichtungen des öffentlichen Lebens über 12.000 Personen in leitender Funktion statistischer Überblick zu ausgewählten Themen Personenregister, Sach- und Institutionenregister

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Audience: Departments of Public Administration and Administration of Justice, Notaries, Lawyers, Service Providers, Libraries