Test Cover Image of:  Beschreibungsversuche der Judenfeindschaft

Beschreibungsversuche der Judenfeindschaft
Attempts to Describe Anti-Semitism: On the History of Research on Anti-Semitism before 1944

Zur Geschichte der Antisemitismusforschung vor 1944

Edited by: Hans-Joachim Hahn and Olaf Kistenmacher
150 years before Sartre and the “Dialectics of the Enlightenment,” academically sophisticated journals had already begun their attempts to record and explain modern anti-Semitism. For the first time, this volume reconstructs many of these explanatory approaches and uncovers important previously forgotten texts. They reveal a diverse literature that constitutes a pre-history of contemporary research on anti-Semitism.
Mit Beiträgen von Agnieszka Pufelska, Jan Weyand, Werner Treß, Marcel Stoetzler, Mirjam Thulin, Sebastian Voigt, Caspar Battegay, Christine Achinger, David Jünger, Franziska Krah, Thomas Gloy, Jürgen Stenzel, Bodo Kahmann, Ole Frahm u.a.
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Audience: Researchers on anti-Semitism, scholars from all disciplines interested in Jewish studies