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Einführung in die Konversationsanalyse
Introduction to Conversation Analysis

New Textbook

This volume introduces students to the subject matter, methods and findings of conversation analysis. Conversation analysis deals with all situations of every-day communication. This book provides a basis for all BA-/MA study programmes in which the methods of conversation analysis have a role to play, e.g. linguistics, sociology, psychology, communication science, ethnology and anthropology.

  • Written by leading German linguists from the field of linguistic conversation and interaction analysis
  • At the cutting edge of current research
  • Clear, comprehensible and concise
  • Additional material online

Author Information

Karin Birkner, Peter Auer, Angelika Bauer and Helga Kotthoff, Freiburg University, Germany.

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Audience: Students of Linguistics, Sociology, Psychology, Communication Sciences, Ethnology and Anthropology; Communication Coaches; Advisors; Supervisors; Language Therapists; Teachers; Institutes; Libraries