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Gottfried Keller und Theodor Fontane
Gottfried Keller and Theodor Fontane. From Realism to Modernism

Vom Realismus zur Moderne

Edited by: Ursula Amrein and Regina Dieterle
Gottfried Keller and Theodor Fontane are among the most important authors in Realism. A comparative reading of the two narrative writers reveals a multi-facetted interplay of similarities and differences. At the same time, an exemplary insight can be gained into the artistic positions and aesthetic processes of the time after 1848 up to the divergences of modernism around 1900. The volume presents the collected papers from the international symposium held in Zurich in 2006; the contributors include Peter von Matt, Hugo Aust, Michael Andermatt, Roland Berbig, Gabriele Radecke, Peter Utz and Karl Pestalozzi. This collected volume continues the Schriften der Theodor-Fontane-Gesellschaft (Publications of the Theodor Fontane Society) with a new editorial board and a new profile.


"These essays are all excellent studies of Keller and Fontane that should stimulate further investigation of their work between Realism and Modernism and encourage a historical-critical edition of Fontane following the model of the historical-critical edition of Keller. This handsome volume also many illustrations of high quality."Frederick Betz in: Monatshefte 2/2010 "[...] the volume certainly offers a multi-facetted understanding of the similarities, contrasts and generational convergences of two of nineteenth-century German literature’s finest prose writers."Eda Sagarra in: Arbitrium 3/2009 "Die biografischen Korrespondenzen zeigt der vorzügliche illustrierte Band ebenso auf wie die Verwicklungen des editorischen Nachlebens."Neue Zürcher Zeitung Online 19.02.2009 "[...] lesenswert und unterhaltsam. Dass es darüber hinaus nützlich und wissenschaftlich bereichernd ist, steht sowieso nicht zur Debatte."http://www.schenken.net/cgi-bin/db_site.cgi?seite=2142&
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