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Band VI, 1 Leben des Quintus Fixlein, aus funfzehn Zettelkästen gezogen
The Life of Quintus Fixlein, as Drawn from Fifteen Boxes of Paper Slips

Nebst einem Mustheil und einigen Jus de tablette. Geschichte meiner Vorrede zur zweiten Auflage des Quintus Fixlein

in Werke
Edited by: Sabine Straub
A new historically oriented edition of the central texts by Jean Paul has been available since 2009. For the first time, it presents the two printed versions of the "Quintus Fixlein" in side-by-side comparison (Continuous text: First 1796 Edition, with a lemmatized variant apparatus: Second 1801 Edition). The "History of my foreword to the second edition of the Quintus Fixlein," previously published separately, is edited in the same way.
First critical examination of the textual history of ‘Quintus Fixlein’ and the ‘History of my foreword.’ Provides the reader with previously inaccessible material essential for understanding the particularly productive phase in this classic author’s life in the 1790s.

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Sabine Straub, Frankfurt a.M, Germany.

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Audience: Scholars of German Literature and Scholarly Editing