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Gottes Werk und Adams Beitrag
God’s Work and Adam’s Share: Forms of Interaction between Man and God in the Middle Ages

Formen der Interaktion zwischen Mensch und Gott im Mittelalter

Edited by: Thomas Honegger, Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich and Volker Leppin

The volume launches the new series of the Medievalists' Society. It focuses on the relationship between Man and God. Issues include the interrelationship of God's image and the image of man, the Creator and His creature, andthe differences between divine and human creation. Contributors include scholars from literary, musical, and art studies.

Author Information

T. Honegger, Jena, Germany; G. Huber-Rebenich, Bern,Switzerland; V. Leppin, Tübingen, Germany.

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Audience: Medievalists, Historians, Philosophers, Theologians, Literary scholars, Art historians, Musicologists