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The Inverted Classroom Model

The 2nd German ICM-Conference – Proceedings

Edited by: Jürgen Handke, Natalie Kiesler,  and Leonie Wiemeyer

When the 1st German Inverted Classroom Conference was staged in 2012, the organizers thought that it may have been the first and last conference of this kind: Too few teachers seemed to be familiar with this model in the first place and only a tiny fragment of them would actually apply this model to their own teaching scenarios. However, in the 2013 conference, we were overwhelmed with a large number of teachers who not only wanted to find out about this teaching and learning concept but had already used it.

Consequently, the focus of the 2nd German Inverted Classroom Conference to which this conference volume is dedicated was no longer the “installation” of the Inverted Classroom Model (ICM) but fine adjustments in the actual application of it.

This is reflected in the contributions to this volume. Even though all three central aspects of the ICM are addressed, (1) content production and delivery, (2) testing, and (3) the in-class phase, there has been a shift away from mere content production towards an expansion of the model as well as a move towards fine adjustments of the three components.

Introduction and elaboration of the central components of the Inverted Classroom Model, discussion of methods leading to a sustainable improvement of teaching and learning at high-school and university level

Author Information

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke is currently Head of the Department of English and American Studies of Marburg University, Germany.

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