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Syllable and Word Languages

Edited by: Javier Caro Reina and Renata Szczepaniak
This is the first volume concerned with the phonological typology of syllable and word languages, based on the model of a complex, multi-layered and hierarchically structured phonological system. The main typological claim is that the phonetic and phonological make-up of a language depends on the relevance of the prosodic categories. In previous research, the syllable and the phonological word have already proved to be typologically important. The contributions in this volume discuss theoretical questions and address issues such as the variable structure of the phonological word, the interplay between phonetics and phonology as well as the effect of a language’s phonological make-up on its morphology or lexicon. The volume provides detailed synchronic and diachronic analyses of (Non-)Indo-European languages which will serve as a basis for further typological research.

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Javier Caro Reina, University of Cologne, Germany; Renata Szczepaniak, University of Hamburg, Germany.

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Audience: Researchers in language typology, historical linguistics, phonology and phonetics