Test Cover Image of:  The Adjunction Theory of Complex Projective Varieties

The Adjunction Theory of Complex Projective Varieties


"In fact, the book under review provides a systematic, comprehensive and utmost detailed account on classical and modern adjunction theory of complex projective varieties. The authors present a monograph, which incorporates all characteristic features of a self-contained textbook, of a research report that leads to the very recent achievements in the field, and of an encyclopedia which encompasses both history and present-day state of the matter. The authors have worked in the results from nearly 700 research papers (which appeared between 1897 and 1994), including more than 50 articles published by themselves (sometimes with co-authors), and they have managed to keep the text essentially self-contained and consistent. […] This is, mathematically and methodically, a great example of maximum efficiency in the literature on algebraic geometry. […] The material of the book is presented in encyclopedic thoroughness, indisputable rigour, and exemplary completeness. Quite undoubtedly, it will immediately become the standard text and reference book on adjunction theory in projective algebraic geometry." Zentralblatt für Mathematik
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