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Resurrection, Body and Transformative Practices in Early Christianity

Edited by: Turid Karlsen Seim and Jorunn Økland
How were ideas and experiences of transformation expressed in early Christianity and early Judaism? This volume explores the social and philosophical frameworks within which transformative ideas such as resurrection and practices of becoming “a new being” were shaped. It also explores the analogies and parameters by which transformation was being observed, noted and asserted. The focus on transformation helps to connect topics that tend to be studied separately, such as cosmology, resurrection, aging, gender, and conversion. The textual material is wide-ranging and there are new readings of core passages. Ideas and experiences of transformations in early Christianity and early Judaism Connects topics that tend to be studied seperately (cosmology, resurrection, aging, gender, conversion) With wide-ranging textual material

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Turid Karlsen Seim, Norwegian Institute in Rome, University of Oslo, Norway; Jorunn Økland,University of Oslo, Norway,and University of Sheffield, UK.
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