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Wittgenstein on Colour

Edited by: Frederik A. Gierlinger and Štefan Riegelnik
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This volume is the first collection of articles dedicated to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s thoughts on colour, focusing in particular onhis so-called Remarks on Colour, a piece of writing that has received comparably little attention from Wittgenstein scholars. The book provides the reader with the state of the art in research on Wittgenstein’s thoughts on colour and brings out some of the intricate relations between the Remarks on Colour and other works by Wittgenstein. The articles in the bookdiscuss why Wittgenstein wrote so intensively about colour during the last years of his life, what significance these remarks have for understanding his philosophical work in general, as well as the upshot of his thoughts on colour. Contributors to the volume are Andrew Lugg, Joachim Schulte, Gabriele Mras, Richard Heinrich, Herbert Hrachovec, Barry Stroud, Martin Kusch, Frederik Gierlinger and Gary Kemp.

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Frederik Andreas Gierlinger, University of Vienna, Austria; Štefan Riegelnik, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

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Audience: Academics (Philosophy, Art History), Libraries, Institutes