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Sign Language

An International Handbook

Edited by: Roland Pfau, Markus Steinbach,  and Bencie Woll
Sign language linguists show here that all questions relevant to the linguistic investigation of spoken languages can be asked about sign languages. Conversely, questions that sign language linguists consider - even if spoken language researchers have not asked them yet - should also be asked of spoken languages. The HSK handbook Sign Language aims to provide a concise and comprehensive overview of the state of the art in sign language linguistics. It includes 44 chapters, written by leading researchers in the field, that address issues in language typology, sign language grammar, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics, and language documentation and transcription. Crucially, all topics are presented in a way that makes them accessible to linguists who are not familiar with sign language linguistics.
the first encyclopaedic reference book in the field of sign language research over 40 chapters covering all aspects of the linguistic study of sign languages extensively illustrated with examples from over 30 sign languages

Author Information

Roland Pfau, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Markus Steinbach, University of Göttingen, Germany;Bencie Woll, University College London, Great Britain.
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Audience: Linguists, Sign Language researchers, researchers in Deaf Studies. Reference work for advanced undergraduates and post-graduates. Those in such fields as Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Deaf Studies, education of the deaf, speech and language therapy with deaf children and adults, students of Sign Language, Sign Language interpreters