Test Cover Image of:  Royal Kinship. Anglo-German Family Networks 1815-1918

Royal Kinship. Anglo-German Family Networks 1815-1918

Edited by: Karina Urbach
With contributions of: Clarissa Campbell Orr, John Davis, Andreas Gestrich, Jonathan Petropolous, Torsten Riotte, John Röhl, Daniel Schönpflug, Matthew Seligmann,  and Monika Wienfort
Whenever the British Press wants to attack the Royal Family, they make a jibe about “their foreign roots”. The Royals– as they say– are simply a posh version of German invaders. But did German relatives really influence decisions made by any British monarchs or are they just an “imagined community”, invented by journalists and historians? The Royal Archives at Windsor gave the authors– among others John Röhl, doyen of 19th century monarchical history – open access to Royal correspondences with six German houses: Hanover, Prussia, Mecklenburg, Coburg, Hesse and Battenberg.

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Karina Urbach, German Historical Institute London, UK.
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