Test Cover Image of:  New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax

Volume 2 Constituent Syntax: Adverbial Phrases, Adverbs, Mood, Tense

Edited by: Philip Baldi and Pierluigi Cuzzolin

New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax: Constituent Syntax (Adverbial Phrases, Adverbs, Mood, Tense) is the second of four volumes dealing with the long-term evolution of Latin syntax, roughly from the 4th century BCE up to the 6th century CE. This volume, along with Volume 3, comprises chapters dealing with structure and evolution of syntactic phenomena below the level of the sentence. Topics treated in this volume include adverbs, adverbial phrases, mood/modality and tense/aspect. Chapters are distinguished by their depth of treatment, clear style and ample illustration with original citations. Their readability is enhanced by the non-technical presentation which characterizes all volumes in the set.

Key features

  • first publication to investigates the long-term syntactic history of Latin
  • generally accessible to linguists and non-linguists
  • theoretically coherent, formulated in functional-typological terms
  • does not require reading fluency in Latin, since all examples are translated into English

Author Information

Philip Baldi, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA; Pierluigi Cuzzolin, Bergamo University, Italy.

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Audience: Latinists, Classical Philologists, Historical Linguists, Indo-Europeanists