Test Cover Image of:  Handbuch des Antisemitismus

Band 3 Begriffe, Theorien, Ideologien
Vol. 3. Terms, Theories, Ideologies

Compiled by: Brigitte Mihok
The third volume covers terms, theories and ideologies of anti-Semitism from A as in ‎“Abwehr” (resistance) to Z as in “Zwangstaufe” (forced baptism). In 150 articles 88 authors explain terms and metaphors such as “Aryan Acts”, “race defilers” and “usurer-Jew”as well as stereotypes like “well poisoning”, “host desecration” and “deicide”. The volume also explores phenomena such as redemptive anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and hostility towards Jews in antiquity. Furthermore, the handbook extensively discusses theories, research strategies and political contexts of hostility towards Jews, e.g. leftist anti-Semitism, Christian fundamentalism or Islamic anti-Semitism.
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Audience: Academics, Libraries, Institutes, especially in the fields of history, politics and Jewish studies