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Multilingual FrameNets in Computational Lexicography

Methods and Applications

Edited by: Hans C. Boas
This book demonstrates how the underlying principles of the English-based FrameNet project are successfully applied to the description and analysis of typologically diverse languages. The stimulating collection of articles brings together insights from lexical semantics, corpus linguistics, computational lexicography, machine learning, and psychology to address three main questions: To what degree is it possible to apply semantic frames derived from the English lexicon to the description and analysis of other languages? What types of resources are necessary for the creation of FrameNets for French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Spanish? How can the creation of multi-lingual FrameNets be automated? The contentsexemplifies the liveliness of current research on cross-lingual applications of Frame Semantics to natural language processing.

Author Information

Hans C. Boas, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.
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Audience: Researchers working on Lexical Semantics, Multilingual Lexicography, Computational Linguistics, and Machine Translation; Academic Libraries and Institutes