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Hellenische Identität in der Spätantike
The Experience of Crisis and Literature in Late Antiquity. Greek Authors and their Concern for their own Times

Pagane Autoren und ihr Unbehagen an der eigenen Zeit

In Late Antiquity, and above all in the fourth century, far-reaching changes took place in the political, social and religious environments. The pagan authors of the Roman East (the Emperor Julian, Libanius, Eunapius, Themistius) experienced this process as a threatening crisis, and reacted with the pen. This study considers important contemporary themes such as the construction of identity, ideal rule or the correct interpretation of current reality, so providing the first exposition of the specific character of these writings.


"In sum, Stenger's book can motivate a critical re-reading of its sources through the new lens of its ambitious approach. It is a thought-provoking contribution that certainly merits careful study and no doubt will incite further critical consideration and discussion."Fabian Sieber in: BMCR2010.10.16
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