Test Cover Image of:  Das Papsttum und das vielgestaltige Italien

Das Papsttum und das vielgestaltige Italien
The Papacy and the Many Faces of Italy

Hundert Jahre Italia Pontificia

Edited by: Klaus Herbers and Jochen Johrendt
In the Middle Ages Italy was one of the most diversified regions in Europe. The Italian and German authors of this volume look at the integrating and des-integrating role of the Papacy in the heterogeneous Italy of the Early and High Middle Ages. Their main source is the Italia Pontificia, the first volume of which was published in 1906. They draw a balance of what has been achieved so far, outline requirements for future research and offer exemplary, novel methods and questions that can be applied to the extensive material of the Italia Pontificia.


"This collection of essays represents a major contribution to our understanding of the papacy and the Italian Church in the early and high Middle Ages. It provides ample evidence of the value - as well as the limitations - of Kehr's programme, and it is a fitting testimony to the great richness of the documentation assembled in theten volumes of Italia Pontificia."P. N. R. Zutshi in: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 63/2, 2012
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